About Us

Timeline of the progression of Cleveland GIS.

Prior to May 2016 – City of Cleveland contracted GIS services to Cleveland Utilities GIS Department. GIS system was hosted on Bentley products (Microstation, GeoGraphics, and Map). Various people at the City maintained the city maps (streets, addresses, etc.).

May to June 2016 – Due to growth and other factors, it was decided that the City Network Infrastructure, I.T. Department, and GIS Department be separated from CU. The decision was also made to migrate to ESRI platform.

June to October 2016 – A complete network separation and rebuild took place. New server hardware, ISP, domain, etc. were installed and configured. In July, the City of Cleveland entered into a Small Government Enterprise License Agreement with ESRI. After the network was online and stable, the ESRI products were setup and the existing data was converted to the new format.

October 2016 to present – The ESRI based GIS system is running well and we are continuing to branch out into other departments at the City.

Major Projects and Accomplishments