Geographic Information System

What is it?

A geographic information system, or GIS, is by definition a system that stores, captures, manipulates, and analyzes geographic (location-based) data. For the end user, this data is typically presented as a map layer with an attached data table containing the information for each feature on the map.

The City of Cleveland utilizes GIS to manage infrastructure, perform analysis, and ultimately make informed decisions. GIS is a valuable resource that is incorporated somehow in almost every department at the City.

Multi-Agency GIS System

The City of Cleveland works closely with other agencies to obtain data.

City of Cleveland

Chris Gaylor - GIS Administrator

Manages features within the City Limits. Streets, Addresses, Stormwater, Zoning, etc.

Cleveland Utilities

David Yost - GIS Director

Manages utility infrastructure. Electric, Lighting, Water, Waste Water, and Traffic.

Bradley County GIS

Wayne Owenby - GIS Director

Manages features within the county. Parcels, county addressing, streets, etc.

Bradley County 911/EMA

Angela Bledsoe - GIS/CAD Coordinator

Formats data for use in CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) & MDT's (Mobile Data Terminals). Maintains emergency service districts.

Current Projects

Take a look at some of our current projects.

UAV Mapping

Fire Service Area Analysis

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